Key Areas of Impact

Key Areas of Impact

Positive impacts on the environment, economy, and community

Green Certified

All of Citroniq's plants will be capable of quantifying their hydrocarbon-free footprints with ISCC Plus Certification and other ESG measurement parameters


Carbon Negative

Citroniq's Nebraska plant will capture and permanently sequenster over 500,000 tons of CO2 per year.


ESG Goals

Using Citroniq's green polypropylene can help companies achieve a long-term carbon negative position and reach ESG goals when combined with a recycling program.


Green Jobs

Citroniq's Nebraska facility will add over 1,000 construction jobs and 60 plant jobs in the rural Midwest.


Breaking the Carbon Cycle

Breaks the carbon cycle by permanently sequestering CO2 in a solid pellet.


Key Areas of Impact

Impact by the Numbers

Tons of CO2 Saved Each Year by Citroniq’s Green Polypropylene

The annual greenhouse gas emissions saved from Citroniq’s green polypropylene production compared to conventional ethylene cracking and polymerization is equivalent to:

homes' energy use for one year

gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year

barrels of oil consumed


A Carbon-Negative Approach to Industrial Plastic Manufacturing

A World Scale Design and Dedicated Sustainable Process