Project 1


Centrally located in America’s heartland with ample access to renewable energy while being close to US customers, exporters, and Midwest feedstock suppliers.

World Scale Facility

World-scale capacity to meet consumer demand and keep operating costs competitive

Full Commercial Scale: Citroniq Nebraska will make sufficient quantities to keep costs low and allow compounders and molders to run dedicated product lines.


Green Certified: Citroniq Nebraska will use renewable energy and will be capable of quantifying its hydrocarbon-free footprint with ISCC Plus Certification and other ESG measurement parameters.


Dedicated Green Facility: Citroniq Nebraska will be the only producer of green polypropylene that does not comingle conventional and green production.

Citroniq Nebraska by the Numbers

of polypropylene produced per year20x more output than current global green polypropylene production.

of CO2 captured from the corn-to-ethanol process and sequestered as a useful solid pellet.

of clean water produced as a byproduct.
Carbon Capture and Utilization

Breaking the Carbon Cycle

Citroniq’s Green Polypropylene breaks the carbon cycle by permanently sequestering CO2 in a solid pellet